What Best Treatments Options That Are Available For Spider Veins?

Spider veins are damage to veins that appear on the surface of your skin. These veins are not harmful or painful but do not look good cosmetically. The veins that appear on the skin main look like thin lines, webs, or branches. The veins can be blue, purple, or red in color. Spider veins sometimes may not look good to an individual. There are various treatments available to cure them. When you visit your vein doctor ny, you may ask them which among the following treatment will be best suitable for you.

Causes of spider veins

Spider veins in the leg can occur when valves inside the veins of your legs stop working. The world’s in the vein carry the blood back to the heart when there is a prevention of blood flowing backward it obstructs the blood to pass through it. This leads to the weakening of the wall and the flow of the blood to go in another direction. While the spider veins that appear on the face are due to an increase in pressure or sun damage caused on the skin.

Although spider veins and varicose veins may seem the same they are different. The symptoms make it different. Varicose veins are painful while spider veins are not.

Treatments available 

  • Wearing compression socks or stockings – When you wear compression socks or stockings they place pressure on the veins in your lower legs. This can help to improve the blood flow and prevents further spider veins. The compression stocking can also help in relieving the leg swelling which lowers down the risk of blood clots in your legs. There are different types of stockings available which you can purchase online or from a pharmacy based on what the doctor has prescribed to you.
  • Sclerotherapy – This therapy includes injecting an irritant that directly affects the veins. As a result, the walls of the vein become irritated and they stick together and keep the blood flowing. This can help in reducing swelling and cause the ways to shrink. When seen over time the veins fade and vanishes.
  • Closure system treatment – Closure system treatment is a similar treatment that involves injecting some substance into the veins. The substance is sticky and leaves the veins to flow the blood causing the spider vein to fade away with time.
  • Laser treatment – In this treatment laser is used to treat the veins that are smaller than 3 mm. The strong focus of a light beam is done on the affected area which causes the clot to dry up.

There are certain life-changing tips that can prevent spider veins. You may try to apply sunscreen whenever you go into sun exposure. Try and maintain a healthy weight. Limit your alcohol consumption and intake of healthy food. Regularly exercise.

Spider veins are the results of damage to veins or blood vessels. Spider veins are Painless but people think to have treatment for them for cosmetic reasons. There are a lot of treatments available to remove these veins. It is always suggested to ask the dermatologist or a licensed healthcare professional for the cure.