What are Softfil Cannulas And Microcannulas?

Precision is indispensable for the performance of medical work.  With Softfil cannulas and micro-cannulas, new flexible blunt-tipped needles, it is possible to achieve smooth penetration and gliding without risk of damage to blood vessels in the skin.

The SoftFil range meets the needs of demanding users. Its meticulous design features several details that facilitate precision treatments.

SoftFil has been developed based on the well-known Soft Filling technique, a standardized injection method accessible to all physicians, which is adapted to their needs in terms of entry point, the width of the area, and depth of injection.

SoftFil blunt-tipped needles can be compared to thin fibers that glide smoothly into the skin tissue. The results are fewer inflammatory reactions in patients than any other common pointed needle technique, giving greater comfort in the application of the procedure for both the physician and the patient.  

In the field of aesthetic and dermatological medicine, filler treatments are in high demand. Softfil’s cannulas and micro cannulas arise to accompany the medical need for an ideal tool for the application of these treatments and to be able to treat patients without pain or complications, can treat the entire face, as well as the neck, chest, and hands, for both men and women.

Who can use them?

The use of Softfil is favored by physicians given its range and precision, there is no risk and for the patient, there is no pain, which makes all injection procedures of any type of dermal filler very comfortable.

Softfil cannulas and microcannulas adapt to any area requiring injection, as it adapts to the point of entry, width, and also the depth of injection. 

They work for all injectable filler products available on the market!  Softfil is the favorite of physicians worldwide for lipofilling, Platelet Rich Plasma, HA, and clinical applications.  

How are they divided?

As for the cannulas, we find eight different sizes, especially the answers for different medical procedures. 

We also have an optional power for the Softfil Precision microcannula range, designed to meet the specifications of the most demanding users. Its design is meticulous and has several details that facilitate the precision of each medical procedure.   

The micro-cannulas allow perfect gliding.  There are 15 different designs that adapt to each of your needs, as well as graduations to adjust the depth of each injection more precisely. 

Main innovations of Softfil Precision and Softfil Classic micro-cannulas:

   – A marking in centimeters for the stainless tube, so you can control how deep each injection is.

  – Extra-wide gauge.

  – Skin surface treatment that allows for more comfortable and precise sliding.

  – A reference mark indicating the side hole on the base of the product. 

How effective is its use?

The injection of different filler products has positioned itself as one of the most performed procedures in terms of aesthetic medicine, that is why Softfil emerged as a perfect tool for the precise and safe application for these types of treatments.

Dermal Filler Injections 

Going before the microcannula, specialists would play out all filler mixtures using a sharp-tipped hypodermic needle. That old procedure would go with specific outcomes. Notwithstanding, it is a sharp tip the needle presents a higher threat of infiltrating little veins when installed into the skin. 

This is the method by which injury occurs. It also presented the opportunity of the facial filler getting into the dissemination framework through the infiltrated vein which could incite ominous reactions. 

Since the microcannula has a dull tip, it is typically planned to slaughter the entrapments that are connected with sharp tips. The microcannula can be used to inject dermal fillers similarly as fat joins and cause less pressing factors and misery on the patients. 

Advantages of the Microcannula methodology 

With its versatility and its unpolished tip, the microcannula methodology offers various advantages over customary sharp tips which include: 

  • The microcannula is greater adaptability in light of its versatility 
  • Systems can be done quicker and with less anguish as a result of the versatile arrangement 
  • Damage to little veins during the strategy is basically non-existent 
  • Basically, zero injuring is caused since there is no mischief to the veins 
  • The actuation of new collagen creation occurs due to the microcannula 
  • Rarely are any outcomes related to the microcannula strategy 

What Procedures Can Benefit from Microcannula Use? 

With exciting updates over the standard sharp tip needle, the microcannula is getting logically notable with various non-cautious facial filler frameworks. The versatile arrangement and abrupt tip believe more prominent strategies to be safely performed. Here several frameworks that use the microcannula for: 

  • Wrinkle Reduction 
  • The decline of Saggy Skin Under the Eye 
  • Adding Volume to Lips 
  • Facial Fillers 
  • Plumping of Temple Area 
  • Plumping of the Cheeks 
  • Take out Bags from Under the Eyes 
  • Various Benefits of microcannula use include: 
  • Less Pain 
  • No Bruising 
  • Insignificant Downtime 
  • Collagen Stimulation 
  • No Intravascular Injection Eliminating the Risk of Blindness, Necrosis, or Ophthalmoplegia

Certification and safety

Softfil micro-cannulas is positioned as a revolution compared to blunt-tip needles, which have become a reference in the world market.  Softfil is ANSI certified and all medical devices are identified.

In addition, each and every cannula is ANSI certified and officially registered as reliable and durable medical devices in several countries, as well as sterile and single-use, always reserved for healthcare professionals.