The Advantages Of Robotic Surgery

With robotic surgery, one of the best decisions you will be. Although not all offer these facilities, it might be worthwhile to look for one that works. Human contact and experience is important, but the precision that comes from the use of these types of tools can be far more important in some situations. If you are in a position to have this surgery done, you will want the benefits of understanding to do this and realize why so many more people to doctors that offer these options in turn.

What Is It? Robotic surgery is one of the best tools available in some situations. Instead of a person that the method has a robot of any type. This is not the typical robot from an alien movie, but a machine that is the ability to work for you based on the elements it contains pre-programmed to do. Robots are used in every facet of life now. They help to make the food. They help you to do a variety of tasks throughout the day. They help assist you with the work and the kids at school. Why should they not be in the operating room? Why?There are many advantages to using these types of techniques. Of course every situation is different and it is up to your doctor and decide for yourself whether this is the correct procedure for your needs. However, there are many situations in which these services can really make a difference. Here are some of the benefits they offer:

You shall ensure precision in the conduct of the proceedings. Because of their ability to be very precise, you can count on the procedure, also a difficult issue to occur without any kind of error that can be performed. Robots are far less likely that the same small mistake, the people are prone to do.

This can be much less painful than that, do what a man guided surgical procedures produced. This can help to greatly reduce how much time you have to spend in the hospital. It may help to offer a far less invasive procedure. The more invasive procedure, the more risk there of complications and infections. This may reduce the risk of losing too much blood during surgery. It can help the amount of time you feel restricted reduced. Robotic surgery is a good thing, and it is something that a lot of people have benefited because of its precision.

How I Made Changes to Lower My Cholesterol

When I was younger, I ate what I wanted, played sports because I liked them and never thought about my weight. Of course, that was when I was naturally thin, active and “eating like a bird,” according to my mom. Today, things are different. As an older adult, I have to watch my weight and plan physical activities. And, I now know that a build-up of cholesterol on the walls of my arteries can lead to heart problems or even strokes down the road.

My doctor told me that there are two kinds of cholesterol. I happen to have a particularly high level of HDL, the “good” kind of cholesterol (or Happy cholesterol, as I call it, to distinguish it from LDL, the “bad” kind). But even so, my total levels were a little high, so I took steps to reduce my blood cholesterol level.

The first step for me after becoming aware of the problem was to make up my mind to change my behavior. Like anything else, if you are not committed, you will likely fail in your attempts. It is far easier to commit to a program to lower your weight, because you can see that you are overweight if you look in the mirror. Cholesterol, on the other hand, can only be detected by a blood test.

I had already made changes in my diet for healthy eating and to lose weight. To lower my cholesterol, I started eating more food with a high soluble fiber content, like oatmeal, apples and kidney beans. Between meals, instead of reaching for a sugary snack, I kept almonds and pistachio nuts handy. I had already cut down on the amount of red meat in my diet, and now I substituted salmon for meat a couple of times a week. Of course, to keep my weight down I cut way back on bacon and salami, and I started buying skim milk and reduced fat dairy products.

It turns out that I actually like the foods I am eating now, and while I do crave treats like ice cream sometimes, I can buy low fat ice cream or else indulge in the real deal once in a while.

To be honest, I did not really change my exercise program much, because playing golf once or twice a week and going to the gym a few times in between is about as much as I will do. And I gave up smoking years ago.

So far, my cholesterol is lower and I feel pretty good. Knowing that I am taking charge of my health for prevention makes me feel in control, and the results of my regular blood tests show that the changes are effective.

My Weekly Work Out for All Fitness Levels

This fitness routine is used to lose weight, build muscle, train for athletics, and to improve overall fitness. I find that the best way to continuously ensure a great work out is to vary the exercises; and that is exactly what I do.

Overall, I train because I am an athlete, but this routine can work for anyone. The following steps are what I do in a daily work out:

  1. I always begin with at least 15 minutes of cardio. This gets your heart rate up and begins fat burning. It also warms you up for other exercises. I like to jog or use an elliptical, but jump roping, biking, or swimming can be just as efficient. It all depends on what resources you have available.
  2. Stretch and warm up joints. This can be done through simple static stretching and rotating of joints. Hold each stretch for 10 seconds. Start with little circular movements in your wrists, ankles, and neck, then move to bigger movements with your arms and hips. Rotate each direction 10 times.
  3. I try to lift weights 3 days a week. Sometimes it is difficult when I don’t have access to a gym, so there are other steps I take to gain a similar work out. Modifying every day exercises like squats or pushups can simulate weight lifting. One of my favorites is the modified squat. Instead of a quick 1-second-down, 1-second-up movement, take 4 seconds to lower yourself into a squat position, hold it for 4 seconds, and take 4 seconds to move back up. The same can be done for pushups, calf raises, and almost any of exercise you can think of. Do the same number of reps you would for lifting weights; I usually do 3 sets of 10.
  4. If I do not lift weights, I usually do a cardio work out. This can be a long run (30 minutes or more), a tempo run (~30 minutes, with alternating paces every 2 minutes), or a sprint work out (running as fast as you can on flat ground or up hills for short distances). If I choose a sprint work out, it is usually somewhere around 100 meters, which I run almost as fast as I can, and take about a 1 minute break in between reps. I usually do about 8 of those.
  5. I always “cool-down” after a work out. I do an easy 5 minute jog and some light stretching, and make sure to ice any part of my body that hurts.

If I am unable to do these work outs, I do what is called a “card work out.” This is exactly what it sounds like, a work out with a deck of cards. Each suite represents a different exercise (EX- Hearts are pushups), and each number represents the number of repetitions of that exercise (Ace=14). You can choose any exercises you want, that’s the fun part about this one! Just go through the deck of cards one-by-one, and before you know it, you’ll be finished with the work out and feeling tired. This one is nice because it is a quick, intense workout, so if you are short on time this fits great into a busy schedule.

I try to work out 5 times per week. It is always important to take a day off and to not lift 3 days in a row. Working out the same part of your body multiple days in a row can actually do more harm than good!

Liposuction in Santa Rosa, California

Have you decided that Liposuction is the best answer for you and your situation? Looking for the right facility in the Northern Bay area of California? Well, do I have the place for you. In this article I provide you with one of the best facilities in Santa Rosa, CA. I will also give you all the facts that you will need to know before heading to Santa Rosa’s Plastic Surgery Associates.

Santa Rosa’s Plastic Surgery Associates has two of Marin County and Santa Rosa’s top board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Francison Canales and Dr. Heather Furnas. These two doctors have dedicated their lives to helping live yours to the fullest. With that said, they now provide Smartlipo MPX , one of the latest advances in liposuction technology. Smartlipo is a laser-assisted liposuction technique that may help you reach your ultimate goal with less bruising and downtime.

As you know everyone’s body is different. So what might work on you will not work on someone else. So with that said, I can not give a price on what this procedure will cost you. What I can provided is the cost of a consultation. A consultation will cost you $25, but if you register online with Santa Rosa’s Plastic Surgery Associates the consultation will be free.

Here are so other fats that might help you make this important decision. Liposuction is the #2 cosmetic surgery in the united states. A few benefits of liposuction are a slimmer, sculpted more youthful looking silhouette. And depending you your reason a better feeling you! Types of lipo are tumescent liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction. Here are some areas that you can have the procedure done to. Your face (cheeks and chin), neck, back, upper arms, chest, abdomen, hips, “love handles”, buttocks, thighs, keens and ankles. You will be put under anesthesia. Typically, local with sedation; occasionally, general. The length of Procedure will be approximately one to three hours long depending on what you are having lipoed. This procedure is typically and outpatient surgery. Your recovery time differ from one person to another and also what you have lipoed and how much work you have done. You may return to work within a couple of days and resume normal activities within two to three weeks. Santa Rosa Plastic Surgery Associates also have a complementary procedure with your liposuction of an Abdominoplasty.

I hope I have helped you with finding a great facility to have your liposuction done at. You can go to for more information on each doctor and pictures of previous patient so you can get a better feel for what really happens. I hope you deiced that Santa Rosa’s Plastic surgery Associates and liposuction are right for you.

My Weekly Fitness Routine Includes More Than Walking

For years my fitness routine included only walking with a friend for thirty minutes three times a week. However, four years ago I needed physical therapy after cracking my tibia (leg bone.) During a therapy session I casually asked the therapist if walking three days a week was a good enough fitness routine.

Aerobic Exercises Not Enough

Shaking his head from side to side, he stared at me like I was crazy. “Women your age (at least he didn’t say old women, but, being as I am a retired grandma, I’m sure he thought it.) need a fitness routine that includes more than exercises for their cardiovascular systems. They also need stretching exercises, strength training, and balance exercises.”

Input from Physical Therapist

So after I recovered from my injury I joined the gym in which I received therapy. A huge benefit of my yearly membership fee is that it includes a session with a therapist every six months to check-out if my assigned exercises were still what I needed; change my exercises to ensure I don’t get bored using the same equipment; ensure that my routines include all four types of exercises during my three-times-a -week visits.

Aerobic Exercise Routine

  1. My routines begin with twenty-seven minutes of exercise that work the large muscles in my body and improve my heart and lung function. I begin with a 12-minute stint on the elliptical, using a 20-inch length step. I always attempt to walk more than 500 steps.
  2. Next, I do a right and then left leg hamstring stretch for 60 seconds each, and then a calf stretch, both legs together, for 60 seconds, followed by
  3. Fifteen minutes on the treadmill at 3.1 miles an hour for about 8/10s of a mile.

Strength Training Routine

  1. I use a trunk rotation machine set at 40 pounds and rotate 2 x 15 with my right and left arm. This exercise also stretches scar tissue across my chest received during a double mastectomy for breast cancer.
  2. I lift up above my head 3-pound weights in right and left hand 2 x 10 times.
  3. I hold a 2-pound medicine ball in both hands. I sit in a chair, pushing out my hips first, up and down 2 x 10 times.
  4. I set the leg extension machine at 30 pounds and lift the bar up with my legs 2 x 10 times.
  5. I set the rowing machine for 30 pounds and pull the rows 2 x 10 times.

Stretching Exercise Routine

  1. I stand facing a wall, my palms facing each other with my pinkie fingers against the wall, then stretch my arms up as far as I can and slide up and down 10 x 3 times.
  2. Holding a 5-foot wooden pole for balance, I place my foot in a circular, red exercise band that is hooked around a pole, and stretch the band outwards with my leg 10 times in four different directions with the right and left leg.

Balance Exercise Routine

I stand on the BOSU balance trainer for 30 seconds with both feet, then the right foot, and then the left foot. Repeat once.

I usually finish my fitness routine in about an hour, and enjoy knowing I am doing my best to keep fit and stay healthy.

My Fitness Routine: How Walking and Enjoying the Lake Paid Off

Finding and maintaining a fitness program that continues to challenge me yet also keeps my attention can be difficult. I have tried all kinds of fitness programs. Last fall I joined my local YMCA to use the elliptical for an hour and try a spinning class. Unfortunately, after the first two weeks of excitement about doing something healthy for myself, I lost interest and started making excuses. I ended up canceling my membership. Then I decided to just try dieting and drop the exercising all together. That obviously didn’t work very well because I was cutting my calorie intake, and I wasn’t replenishing my energy with the good feeling I get with exercise. Finally, my problem was solved. My husband and I moved last summer to a gorgeous little house on a lake, and that’s when my fitness routine really started.


I started walking two to three times daily; two of my walks were fitness-motivated, and the third was a quiet stroll after dinner with my husband. The first two walks varied in length from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. My goal was to “power walk” and raise my heart rate. I mapped out the distance of each of my routes, and then I used a stop watch to see how long that distance took me to walk. My average was 3.5 to 4.0 miles per hour for my fitness-motivated walks and 2.5-3.0 miles per hour for my stroll.


Summer in South Carolina is hot, and after a 45 minute power walk, nothing sounded better than going for a swim. Lucky for me, we have our own dock, and so I have lake access whenever I want it. More often than not my “swim” was more of a cool off float where I bobbed around for a while, but if I skipped a walk or decided to challenge myself, I would swim out to the cove entrance and back. I am not a great swimmer, so swimming did not burn a large amount of calories, but every little bit helps.

Monitoring Food Intake

Along with walking and swimming, I kept a food journal online at I didn’t beat myself up for going over on calories, but with all my walking and swimming, that rarely happened.

The results of my fitness routine have been astounding. Over the summer (June to August) I lost 18 pounds, 1″ off my arms, 3″ off my waist, and 2″ off my thighs. Add to that how much better I felt and how my clothes started to fit, and I would say I have found my perfect fitness routine. Of course with school starting in the fall, I let my routine slip, but I am excited to get back on task and regain the lost ground.