Liposuction in Santa Rosa, California

Have you decided that Liposuction is the best answer for you and your situation? Looking for the right facility in the Northern Bay area of California? Well, do I have the place for you. In this article I provide you with one of the best facilities in Santa Rosa, CA. I will also give you all the facts that you will need to know before heading to Santa Rosa’s Plastic Surgery Associates.

Santa Rosa’s Plastic Surgery Associates has two of Marin County and Santa Rosa’s top board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Francison Canales and Dr. Heather Furnas. These two doctors have dedicated their lives to helping live yours to the fullest. With that said, they now provide Smartlipo MPX , one of the latest advances in liposuction technology. Smartlipo is a laser-assisted liposuction technique that may help you reach your ultimate goal with less bruising and downtime.

As you know everyone’s body is different. So what might work on you will not work on someone else. So with that said, I can not give a price on what this procedure will cost you. What I can provided is the cost of a consultation. A consultation will cost you $25, but if you register online with Santa Rosa’s Plastic Surgery Associates the consultation will be free.

Here are so other fats that might help you make this important decision. Liposuction is the #2 cosmetic surgery in the united states. A few benefits of liposuction are a slimmer, sculpted more youthful looking silhouette. And depending you your reason a better feeling you! Types of lipo are tumescent liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction. Here are some areas that you can have the procedure done to. Your face (cheeks and chin), neck, back, upper arms, chest, abdomen, hips, “love handles”, buttocks, thighs, keens and ankles. You will be put under anesthesia. Typically, local with sedation; occasionally, general. The length of Procedure will be approximately one to three hours long depending on what you are having lipoed. This procedure is typically and outpatient surgery. Your recovery time differ from one person to another and also what you have lipoed and how much work you have done. You may return to work within a couple of days and resume normal activities within two to three weeks. Santa Rosa Plastic Surgery Associates also have a complementary procedure with your liposuction of an Abdominoplasty.

I hope I have helped you with finding a great facility to have your liposuction done at. You can go to for more information on each doctor and pictures of previous patient so you can get a better feel for what really happens. I hope you deiced that Santa Rosa’s Plastic surgery Associates and liposuction are right for you.