How Can You Figure Out Your Relationship’s Status?

Relationships present different stages and experiences for everyone. No two couples have the same chemistry; neither is their story the same as the third. Broadly, many relationships are found shallow or gravely end up being toxic if the partners don’t suit each other. Men usually feel this anxiety and anticipation if they are swiping the Tinder accounts. Can you trust just by a look at the modified face? Even if you have gotten around to talk and meet, it is high time you judge where your relationship is leading to?

How can you perceive the stage?

They say love starts with friendship, and lately, online friendships are becoming prevalent to spread the quick chances to get someone. It’s prominent that the thought “is she into me” is constantly nagging your mind, and you can just figure it out depending on your closeness. 

  • Like:

If she feels comfortable around you when you meet and tries to be friendly even at the earlier stages of the relationship, it might be just a good friendship or even a little likeness. Better not jump to conclusions and give some time for the things to figure out themselves. 

  • Lust:

If you haven’t met her in person, yet she interacts digitally by liking your photos or texting through dating apps. It can be just lust because she never met the real you! All she got is your pictures with the camera’s magic on them which is probably tainting her mind right now. 

  • Love:

This might be the case if you have known her for a long and she has been your thorough supporter every time. She might be comfortable around you even if you are having a tough day and tries to cheer you up. It has been a common fact that not everybody stays with you through the thick and thin, and this might help you justify if she is really into you. 

These stages modify and change as your experiences develop every day. Even if you are not confident of your conscience to figure out the status, the internet is always there to support you!

Explore the online status checkers

Online apps and games are widely available to advise you on the probable status your relationship holds. There are many applications to explore and check without the threat of exposing any data and details. These applications are designed as:

  • Free checking apps:

 You don’t need any registration or data submission to check these apps. This can save you from getting suspected of questioning your relationship. Since they aren’t even paid, you are free to track them anytime and as many times as you desire. 

  • No tough questions:

 The apps are designed with a set of simple questions depending on different situations you might encounter along with her. Try responding to them honestly to get a probable report of your relationship. 

Though you might get a broad idea from these analyses, they are not the ones to completely depend upon. Even if you feel things wandering right now, you never know when the wind can change!