Considering a Central Vacuum System

My wife and I saw a central vacuum system while watching the show “Little People Big World. Matt and Amy Roloff were doing a major home renovation project, and Matt came up with the idea of getting a Central Vacuum System installed in their home. That gave me the idea of adding one to our home.

We are going to be turning our garage into a recreation room in the near future so we began exploring the idea of having a Central Vacuum System installed at the same time. My thought is that the house is going to be torn up, so why not.

We consulted some experts in the field and had them come out and look at our house to determine if we would be able to add the central vas system to the house. They spent a good hour going over the house; they took some measurements, checking out the walls, to determine if we had enough space in the walls to install the equipment. We decided that we would have a utility closet incorporated into the new recreation room, which is where the power unit for the central vac system will be installed. We were told that our house was well suited for the system.

The installation people told us that to install the system would be relatively easy, and that they would not have to completely tear up the existing walls. My understanding is that they will cut open the walls where the retractable hose system will go, and then snake the tubing through the walls, and then connect everything to the power unit in the utility closet.

The idea of not having to carry the vacuum around and dumping out the canister every time you complete one room is great. When we first got the bag-less vacuum cleaner we have been using for years, we thought that was great. It was up to a point, but we are still getting dust and dirt into the air. To be sure it beat the old bagged vacuum cleaners we used to use. You know how they usually would be filled up in about two uses, and then you had to change the bag.

The power unit for the central vacuum system that we have chosen uses filtered cyclonic action to pull the dust and dirt through the hoses and attachments though the tubing into the power unit. This keeps the dust and dirt form ending up in the air, and back on the floor and furniture.

We have decided that the central vacuum system is for us. When you stop to think how many times you have to go and dump the dirt, dust, and debris from your vacuum cleaner, and how many steps this central vacuum system will save you, you will decide to give the idea a try too. Thanks for the idea, Matt and Amy.